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The Myriad Benefits of Kinesiology Tape for Athletes

Categories :Kinesiology Tape

Athletes on the lookout to buy Kinesiology Tape online India may visit the online store of Kangarwho. While watching sports events, one may have seen athletes wearing colorful tapes on their body. These are Kinesiology tapes, which provide support to muscles, tendons, & ligaments, and aid in pain relief. Made of 100% elastic fibre, this […]

Incorrect Sitting Positions – The Main Reason behind Neck Pain?

Categories :Tens machines

Those wanting to buy a Portable TENS machine to get relief from neck pain may visit the site of Kangarwho. Whether you are watching the television, playing your favorite game on your mobile, working on your computer, or simply lying on the couch to read a magazine, you may unintentionally trigger pain in your neck. […]

5 Tips for Preventing Common Workout Injuries

A workout injury may occur to anyone, irrespective of experience or fitness. Even the physical trainers can suffer from an injury while hitting the gym. Before proceeding on how to prevent such incidents, let us have a quick look on the most common injuries that one may encounter at the gym or during practice sessions […]

All You Wanted to Know About Knee Ligament Injuries

Ligament injuries in the knee can be extremely painful, and at times, incapacitating. Such injuries can even impact the lifestyle of the patient, particularly athletes, who may have to stay away from sports or probably end their career in this field. Sportsmen, such as soccer players, football players, basketball players, skiers, and gymnasts, have a […]

An Overview of the Medical Conditions That Trigger Pain in the Wrist and Fingers

Those suffering from pain in the wrist and fingers may use ice gel pack purchased from Kangarwho, a leading online store for pain-relief products. Everybody has had a minor issue with a finger, hand, or wrist, at some point of time in their lives. This area is exceptionally complex and intricate as it consists of […]

A Brief Insight on Different Types of Pain & Their Symptoms

Pain can emerge due to multiple reasons, and every individual has his/her own way of dealing with it. While for some it may be somewhat bearable, for others, it might be incapacitating. However, not all sensations are the same, and each of them poses a different effect on the body. Here’s an overview of the […]

The Most Common Gymnastics Injuries and Their Preventive Tips

Categories :Health care

Gymnastics is a sport that demands rigorous physical agility and balance. Gymnasts often need to undergo long hours of practice on bars and beams. Such complex physical movements increase the probability of encountering an injury in the ankles, lower back, knees, feet, wrists, or hands. Below is an insight on some of the most common […]

Get Relief from Pain in a Unique and Drug-Free Way

The ultimate solution for recovering from pain and inflammation is the Thera Pearl. This is primarily a drug-free way of rendering relief for pain and inflammation caused by injuries, sprains, surgery swelling, and other hurtful conditions. Being hypoallergenic and non-toxic in nature, it absorbs the pain, and delivers highly effective relief to the patients. In […]

Getting Rid of Pain with Ice and Heat Therapy

Categories :Health care

Joint and muscle pain can be relieved by hot and cold therapy, but it is important to know how to apply them and when.  It may seem incredible, but it has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt, that hot and cold therapy can substantially reduce joint and muscle pain. These two are probably the most […]